Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance
This unit is responsible for the integrity and aesthetics of WVU's buildings, the electrical distribution system throughout the campus, plumbing, sewage, heating, refrigeration, preventive maintenance, and ventilation. Here, maintenance is being conducted on a chiller in one of the University's chiller plants. The Grounds division maintains the University's landscape (including sidewalks, steps, and parking lots). The Labor division assists Academics in moving offices and furniture, as well as setting up staging, tables, tents, and chairs for special events. Here, cement is being poured for a new section of walkway. Hazmat training with Joyce, Paul and Jonathan working with a leaking gas cylinder.  They are using an A Kit to stop a leaking valve. This department performs activities related to cleaning, painting, and event set-ups. Custodial staff are in the forefront of WVU's "green" efforts, using environmentally friendly cleaning products in equipment such as this scrubber. This unit is responsible for processing and coordinating work requests, customer billing, payroll, radio dispatch and help line, keys, TMA support, document control, budget control, contract administration, recycling services, and (as shown here) warehouse operations.


The goal of the Facilities Management team is to create a campus environment that welcomes visitors, enhances the living and learning experience, and promotes a positive image at WVU. We have dedicated this Web site as a tool for you to learn more about what we do and to access our services. We invite you to explore the site and the campus.


Recognized as a leader supporting West Virginia University and its 2020 strategic plan for the future.


Enhance, maintain, and protect the campus environment through innovation and advancement of our people, processes, and services.


Accountability – Create a professional atmosphere where individuals take responsibility for personal actions, make efficient use of WVU’s resources, and choose to act honestly, ethically, and with mutual respect

Diversity – Embrace diversity in the workplace

Employee Development – Foster professional development and training

Innovation – Promote a work environment that stimulates creativity, risk taking, and best practices

Service – Provide quality services to achieve excellence through our actions

Work-Life Balance – Encourage the balance of work and personal time outside of work, as well as support campus and community involvement

What We Do