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Downtown Operations


Jeff Haught – Assistant Director
Office: (304) 293-8113 
Cell: (304) 216-7810

Areas of Responsibility

Admissions & Records Eiesland Hall 
Airport Hanger Elizabeth Moore Hall 
Armstrong Hall
Hodges Hall 
Bicentennial House & Annex  Honors Hall
Boreman Hall Knapp Hall
Brooks Hall Life Sciences Building
Business & Economics Building  Martin Hall 
Center for Black Culture and Research Ming Hsieh Hall
Chemistry Annex Mountainliar Student Union
Clark Hall Purinton House 
Colson Hall Puskar Center 
Chitwood Hall Oglebay Hall 
Dadisman Hall  Stalnaker Hall 
Daily Anthenaeum Building  Stewart Hall 
Downtown Campus Library  Student Services Center 
Downtown Facilities Support Building  Summit Hall
White Hall
Wise Library
Woodburn Hall

Management Staff

Notice: In the event of an emergency, please call (304) 293-4357 or 3136.

Kathy Kerns – Manager II – Night Shift Downtown Academic & Downtown Residence Halls

Robert (Kevin) Phillips – Night Shift Supervisor – Chitwood Hall, Business and Economics, Oglebay Hall/Ming Hsieh Hall Addition, Life Sciences, Woodburn Hall, E Moore Hall, and Martin Hall

Nicole Robinson– Night Shift Supervisor – Downtown Wise Library, White Hall/White Hall Computer Lab, Colson Hall, Colson Hall Annex, Clark Hall, Chemistry Annex, DA, Center for Black Culture & Research, Puskar/Press Box

Jeremy Kinsley - Night Shift Supervisor – Hodges Hall, Armstrong Hall, Books Hall, Eiesland Hall, Knapp Hall, Stansbury Hall and all downtwon Residence Halls for the midnight shift.

Joan Crabtree – Day and Afternoon Shift Supervisor – Residence Halls- Honors, Summit, U-Place apartments, Vandalia Apartments, Townhomes and Seneca Hall (Dorms) – (304) 293-8362

Jeff Smith – Day Shift Supervisor – Residence Halls – Boreman, Dadisman, Stalnaker.  Also oversees most of the downtown academic dayshift employees – (304) 293-5023

Mike Joplin – Day Shift Supervisor – Mountainlair Student Union & Stewart Hall – (304) 293-4020

Jamie Thomas – Night Shift Supervisor – Mountainlair Student Union, Purinton House, Student Services Center - (304) 293-4020

Barbara Hamrick – Day Shift Assistant Supervisor – Mountainlair Student Union – (304) 293-4020

Lonnie Hilling – Night Shift Assistant Supervisor – Mountainlair Student Union - (304) 293-4020

General Duties

The Downtown Facilities Management staff strives to maintain the academic buildings, as well as all residence halls on the downtown campus, in a safe, aesthetically pleasing, clean and comfortable environment conducive to living, learning, and working. Areas of the buildings included in this responsibility are: classrooms, offices, laboratories, sports facilities, residence hall rooms, libraries and other areas in the buildings.

The Mountainlair  cleaning staff work a 24-hour, 7-day work week schedule for the convenience of the students, faculty, and staff in order to maximize their effectiveness. 

During the past two years, we have made a concerted effort to streamline our cleaning processes and initiate a “Green” cleaning program. While initiating this “Green” program, we have started a product review committee and spent countless hours testing and using new products in an effort to utilize the most environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and equipment possible. In our efforts to reach these goals, we have eliminated many of the cleaning products we used in the past and replaced them with cleaning supplies that are user friendly and protect the health and well-being of the workers, building occupants, and users. Additionally, we have made a large investment in new equipment that not only cleans more efficiently but optimizes the efforts of the staff. The Kaivac bathroom cleaner, Chariot vacuum and many other new forms of technology have been purchased in order to make our cleaning supplies state of the art and efficient.

The cleaning staff working in the academic buildings primarily work 10:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m., whereas the staff working in the residence halls primarily work 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. with 24/7 emergency staff that are on call during weekends, holidays and afternoon and midnight hours. These times are for the convenience of the students, faculty, and staff in order to maximize their effectiveness.

We are responsible for approximately 2,800 students who live in the downtown residence halls during the school year. Additionally, some of these residence halls are utilized for conference events and lodging during the summer months for sports camps, corporate meetings, etc.