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Grounds & Labor

Snow and Ice

Snow Removal Plan and Procedures

The goal of the FM Roads & Grounds department is to keep all University streets, parking lots, sidewalks and steps safe for vehicular traffic and pedestrian movement. This is always the first priority of the FM staff during a snow event.

In situations when snow and ice occur with heavy snow accumulation or is difficult to handle, the following priorities will be followed:

1.      Roadways serving university campus buildings starting with Health Sciences parking lot.

2.      Parking lots including ADA accessible, permit based lots and all short term lots.

3.      All main sidewalks leading to campus building entrances.

4.      Provide safe egress at all main building entrances.

5.      All side entrances, back entrances, and all limited access exits.

6.      Special attention to the bus Loading/Unloading areas at Evansdale Crossing.

7.      Long term parking lots where vehicles are used sporadically.

8.      Contractor will begin snow removal after snow has accumulated over 1 “.

If you have any special snow removal requests please contact our HELP Line at 304-293-4357.

Byron Smith

Phone: 304-293-6022

Grounds and Labor Services embraces the maintenance of the campus grounds, the operation and repair of grounds equipment, maintenance of landscaping, and the preservation of the roads, parking lots, and sidewalks on University property.

In addition to cutting grass, trimming hedges, and pruning trees, Grounds and Labor Services maintains all mowers, trucks, and other mechanical and hydraulic equipment such as street sweepers, snow removal equipment, and large tractor gang mowers. This also includes assisting Academics in moving offices and furniture as needed. Labor Services are responsible for special set-ups that may be required.

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