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Property Sales

WVU now sells items online through a national on-line auction service, GovDeals, and occasionally we have On-Site Public Sales as well.

Upcoming Sales

On-Site Public Sales – None currently scheduled

  Online Sales - GovDeals     

WVU Departments with items for sale

WVU departments that would like to sell surplus items on GovDeals need to know the following:

  • To initiate a surplus sale using GovDeals, please submit an Surplus Pick-up Request Form with the Disposition Method of “Online Sale” selected. Property Management needs notified a minimum of 6 weeks prior to a required surplus removal date in order for the sale to take place.
  • All items sell “as-is” and “where-is”.
  • Each department requesting a sale must provide Property Management with a Sale Contact person in the selling department who is responsible for answering potential buyer questions, arranging viewing times with potential buyers, and finalizing pick-up dates/times with the buyer.
  • Usually, sales run for 7 – 14 days and the awarded buyer has 10 working days to remove/pick-up the item.
  • Unless the item being sold is transferred to the WVU Surplus Warehouse, the department selling the item is responsible for securing, safeguarding, and protecting the item for sale until the item is picked up by the awarded buyer.
  • Auction costs retained by GovDeals are 7.5% of the sale price (minimum of $5.00)
  • Sale Proceeds to WVU are distributed as follows:
              --Sales with proceeds less than $1,000 are kept centrally
              --Sales with proceeds $1,000 or greater are distributed with 74% returned to the
                 selling department and 26% retained centrally
  • In most cases, pick-ups will be scheduled Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The selling department is responsible for scheduling a pick-up with the awarded buyer, and the buyers are required to provide 24 – 48 hours of notice for the pick-up.
  • Departments are not permitted to provide assistance to awarded buyers with moving the purchased property such as providing forklift use, or facility staff assistance.
  • It is the department’s responsibility to submit an Asset surplus/disposal form for items that have been tagged and capitalized (originally purchased for $5,000 or greater).