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Work Request-HSC

Request Types

  • HSC Card Access/Key Access Requests
  • Event Request
    This includes setups, etc.
  • Maintenance Repair/Service/Moves
    Repairs, basic maintenance, leaks, regular work requests, moving furniture or other equipment, hanging pictures/white boards, ceiling tile replacement, etc.
  • Renovation Request
    Replacing carpet, new carpet request, painting, suite renovations, etc.
  • Space Request
    Moving faculty/staff, additional space request/needs, different utilization space, etc.
  • Surplus Request Form
    As soon as you know you no longer need an item, complete this form to start the surplus process. Please give enough advance notice as possible before the items need to be removed from your space. We will list your item online while it is still in your space. This prevents unnecessary moves should another department or unit request your item. You do not need to submit work orders for items to be picked up. Please do not leave items in hallways to be picked up. If no one claims your item, Facilities Services will remove the item from your space.
  • HSC Surplus Listings
    The surplus storeroom on the ground floor has been eliminated. You can now browse and select surplus items online at any time, and request an appointment to inspect them if required. Items will be moved only once – from the office that no longer needs them directly to their new location. To shop for a surplus item, use the new online listing to browse all furniture and non-computer related items available. If you find an item and want to see it in person, please click the appointment button on the listing. Someone will contact you shortly.

General Guidelines


Scheduling for use of available classroom or conference room space is through ETRU.Food set-up or sale items are not permitted at or near Commons Area of the Learning Center unless authorized through Health Sciences Administration.Conference Room set-ups are to utilize furniture located within the conference room. We are not permitted to remove furniture from the location. Scheduling for Leaning Center Commons, Fukushima Lobby, Health Science Center Commons, and Health Science Center Cafeteria Commons is done so through Facilities Management at 293-6924. Once scheduled with Facilities Management a work order must be submitted for set up.


Office furniture is to be ordered assembled. Maintenance crews are not available to assemble furniture.Personal items such as pictures, keepsakes, electronic equipment, etc. brought into the facility are not covered by University insurances and are considered “at risk” items.Modular furniture relocation or movement is through contracted services only.All other furniture that is to be moved must be emptied.


All contractor work must be coordinated through Facilities Management. All maintenance to Health Sciences Facilities must be coordinated by Health Sciences Facilities Management Departmental purchase of large equipment requiring utility hook-up connections must be approved and reviewed by Facilities Management prior to purchase. Signs or room identification are to use Health Sciences standards. Any deviation must be previewed and approved through Facilities Management.Phone installations are to be coordinated through HSC IT by the departmental telephone support contact person.

Any project that may require changes or additions in the network cabling may be previewed and expedited by contacting the HSC network cable manager at

Safety and Security

  • Campus Police are responsible locking and unlocking doors after hours. Individuals seeking access to HSC areas must have identification and contact Campus Police directly.
  • Keys are not to be loaned to other personnel or duplicated outside of our facility.
  • Animals within the Health Sciences Facilities are not permitted unless they are service or research animals. Pets are prohibited from the facility.
  • Freezers and refrigerators are to be repaired in place. To be removed they must first be decontaminated and tagged by our Safety Department.
  • Freezers and refrigerators will not be stored. When removed they will be decontaminated and then the necessary gasses will be processed and the item will be recycled.
  • Modification of existing departmental equipment or accessories will need reviewed prior by the Safety Department at Facilities Management.
  • Do not mount items to Health Sciences doors. Drilling or penetrating doors is prohibited.

HSC Facilities Management does not do:

  • Pack or unpack boxes.
  • Supply moving supplies such as boxes, tape, etc.
  • Supply cleaning supplies to departments.
  • Loan tools or equipment for personal use.
  • Store departmental equipment.
  • Fabricate items that can be purchased such as shelving, furniture, metal pieces, etc.
  • Fabricate extension cords or provide power strips, etc.
  • Provide personal heaters, fans, etc.