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Property Surplus

Surplus Redistribution Center (SRC)

The Surplus Redistribution Center (SRC), a division of Facilities Management, is the surplus repository for West Virginia University and is located near the Westover bridge in the former General Woodworking building. 

To surplus WVU property submit an on-line surplus request. If you have a question or require further assistance call the Surplus Redistribution Center at 304.293.5946.  Facilities Management staff will return your call if you leave a message. You may not reach someone immediately when you call. An employee from Facilities Management will return your call as soon as possible. 

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Items Not Accepted by the WVU Storage & Surplus Center

Hazardous Materials including toxic, caustic, or flammable chemical substances (liquid, gaseous, or solid); batteries; duplicating or printing fluids; any container of an unknown substance (liquid, gaseous, or solid); paints or pigments without a statement from the surplussing department that specifically identifies “that the contents have been properly stored and are usable”; radioactive components, machines or materials; equipment used to store or operate with biological hazards.

Any item that may be considered to be a safety hazard to employees or customers such as:

  • Used mattresses and bedding materials.
  • Large volumes of dormitory furniture.
  • Any asset or material that is not officially surplussed with documentation.
  • Assets or materials without resale, recovery, or community stewardship redistribution value.
  • Any asset or material that cannot be reasonably and safely transported to the warehouse.

For questions about hazardous waste & materials please contact:

Hazardous Waste & Materials Unit
Joyce Addison – Hazardous Materials Manager
Environmental Health & Safety
West Virginia University
Phone: 304.293.5810 or 304.293.3792