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Evansdale Operations


Vance Roby
Assistant Director
Office: (304) 293-3496
Cell: (304) 216-8217

Areas of Responsibility

Advanced Engineering Research, Agricultural Science, Agricultural Annex, Art Museum, Allen Hall, Basketball Practice Facility, Bennett Residence Hall, Book Depository, Braxton Residence Hall, Brooks Residence Hall, Child Care, Chestnut Ridge Research Bldg, Coliseum, College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Creative Arts Center, Engineering Research Building, Engineering Sciences Building, Evansdale Crossing, Evansdale Roads & Grounds, Evansdale Library,  Facilities Management Building, Forensics, Greenhouse, Gymnastics, Law Center, Lyon Residence Hall, Lincoln Residence Hall, Marina Tower, Mineral Resources Building, Museum Education Center, Natatorium-Shell, National Research Center for Coal & Energy, Nursery School, Oakland Hall, One Waterfront, Percival Hall, Project Design & Construction Bldg., ROTC, South Agricultural Sciences, Student Rec Center, University Park Apartments, University Police Department, University Services Center, Wrestling Facility

Management Staff

Notice: In the event of an emergency, please call (304) 293-4357 or 3136.

Tammy Thomas – Day Shift Operations Coordinator – Residence Halls – Braxton Hall, Brooks Hall & Lincoln Hall (304) 293-3496

Melanie Nichols - Day Supervisor - Oakland Hall, University Park, Evansdale Crossing, Student Recreation Center, Student Health, CPASS, Art Museum, Museum Education Center, Mountaineer Station, and Engineering Research Building (304)293-8713

Mike Olenick – Night Shift Supervisor – Coliseum, Natatorium/Shell, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Basketball Practice Facility, Child Care, and Nursery (304)293-4015

Charlotte Spiker – Night Shift Supervisor – Creative Arts Center, Engineering Research Building, Engineering Sciences Building, Mineral Resources Building, National Research Center for Coal and Energy, Allen/Percival, Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Annex, South Agricultural Sciences, Evansdale Library, Law School (304)293-4424

Anthony Martin – Afternoon Shift Supervisor - One Waterfront, CRRB, Evansdale Roads & Grounds, University Services Center, University Police Building, Planning Design & Construction, Facilities Management, Book Depository, Greenhouse, Marina Tower, and ROTC (304)293-5471

General Duties

The Evansdale Facilities Management Operations staff ensures that residence halls, academic buildings, and recreational facilities are maintained in a safe and comfortable environment conducive to working, living, and learning.

The Student Rec. Center cleaning staff work a 24-hour, 7-day work week schedule for the convenience of the students, faculty, and staff in order to maximize their effectiveness. 

In addition to maintaining facilities in an aesthetically pleasing condition, we have a responsibility to ensure that the buildings are cleaned with consideration to the overall health of our students, faculty and staff. With that in mind, we strive to be good stewards of the campus environment and continuously evolve our internal processes and procedures to minimize our impact on the environment.

The Evansdale Operations area encompasses over 1,704,102 sq. ft. of student housing, academic, research, and recreational and athletic facilities space. In addition we are also responsible for the care and comfort of approximately 2,350 students that live in various residence halls. Many of these facilities are also very busy during the summer months, hosting over 6,300 visitors attending more than 75 conference events with topics that range from sports and athletics to academic and professional.

Each staff member is responsible for cleaning approximately 30,000 sq. ft of space that must be inspected, cleaned, painted, and maintained. During times of special events, they also provide support services for set ups and special cleaning services as necessary. The department is committed to providing 24/7 coverage utilizing the most up-to-date training and equipment to attain the highest standards possible.