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Power Outage

First Energy has rescheduled the Evansdale Campus power outage to Saturday, August 5th from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The electrical power will be off for 6 hrs to the entire Evansdale Campus to repair poles on incoming feeds.  We will prioritize bringing up the Creative Arts Center and Evandsale residential Complex to minimize impact on their schedules.  This outage will affect the following buildings:

Engineering Sciences                               Engineering Research

NRCCE                                                     AERB

Mineral Resources Building                      CAC

Ag Sciences                                              CPASS/Student Health

Rec Center                                                South AG Sciences

AG Science annex                                    Green House

Allen Percival Hall                                     Evansdale Residential Complex

Lincoln Hall                                               Art Museum

Museum Education Center                      Coliseum

Natatorium                                               Shell Building

Basketball Practice Facility                      Carrie Gymnastics

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)                  Evansdale Library

Evansdale Crossing

Facilities Management will be setting up temporary generators at the Evansdale Greenhouse and at Allen Percival Hall for the fish lab. Emergency generators will be running during the outage. Facilities Management will be coordinating with the Building Supervisors this week to ensure impact to research and critical loads are minimized. Lighting, HVAC, domestic hot water, compressed air, RO/DI systems and other non-essential electric loads will be affected.

Office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives