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Zone Contacts

The concept of Zone Maintenance is to divide the campus into small groups of buildings geographically and assign maintenance personnel to report to each of these areas.

Zone Maintenance

Dave Areford – Zone 2 Maintenance Manager, Downtown Campus (304)293-7418
Mark Spiroff – Zone 3 Maintenance Manager, Downtown Campus (304)293-9177
Jerry Howell – Zone 4 Maintenance Manager, Evansdale Campus (304)293-4851
Scott Savage – Zone 6 Maintenance Manager, Evansdale Campus (304)293-4218
Bill Sanson – Preventive Maintenance (304)293-5489

Central Shop Maintenance

The Central Shop plans, organizes, constructs and maintains a complex distribution system to meet the campus needs for plumbing, sewage, heating, refrigeration, off-hours emergency response, preventive maintenance and ventilation throughout the University Campus.

Eric Germain – Mechanical Shop (HVAC) (304)293-8124
Patrick Kight – Utilities Distribution (304)293-8125
Paul Stewart – Electrical Shop – (304) 293-8121


The engineering department provides technical support to all Facilities Management departments. Engineering is involved with new facility design and continuous improvement of existing facilities.

Lisa Saurborn – Engineering Manager (304) 293-7602
Paul Cole – Manager, Elevator Maintenance (304) 293-8106
George Hall – Construction Manager, Electrical (304) 293-2817
Stephen Vozniak – Staff Engineer (304) 293-3916
Scott Jolliff – Staff Engineer (304) 293-7602
Daniel Lemasters – Staff Engineer (304) 293-6613

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