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In House Construction Projects

Engineering Sciences chiller work-This deferred maintenance project is a result from the failure of the existing condensing water piping system underneath the Engineering Science Building. Companies have been contracted to bore two 24 inch tunnels under the facility and to lift the existing cooling tower and add structural steel to raise the tower to the proper elevation for the new piping. The demolition of the old piping was completed by the Plumbing Shop. Installation of two new HDPE pipes and rerouting the piping system will be done with in-house employees. Electrical work will also be completed with University electricians. Estimated savings by doing work in-house with employees will save the University approximately $50,000. 


Stalnaker Dining Area Ceiling Replacement
- a 2500 square foot ceiling and lighting replacement project that was completed over the 2015 Christmas Holiday break.  The new lighting is energy efficient “LED”. 

Engineering Science Building -ground floor hallway floor tile removed to support renovation project.

Office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives