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Culture of Excellence Award recipient

Facilities employee receives WVU’s College of Law’s Culture of Excellence Award

Lou Couch, campus service worker in Facilities Management, received the Culture of Excellence award presented by the College of Law during an April 10 ceremony.

This award was created to recognize outstanding students or student organizations who have gone above and beyond to demonstrate a culture of excellence in the campus community. What is unique about this selection is that Couch was nominated by the students for this award but he is not a student, he is an employee of the University.

Students and employees at the College of Law expressed their overwhelming appreciation for the level of customer service that Couch provides. Nominators noted, “aside from being a great person and friend around the school, he is also excellent at his job.” Another nominator mentioned, “I would say that Mr. Couch is much more than just a custodian, he truly cares about each and every person that walks through the college's door. He takes pride in his job and does it to a very high standard, but he also genuinely cares about how we are each and every day.” Also, “I can always count on him to say encouraging words, which is especially something to look forward to given the high stress of law school!” The committee stated “we are continually impressed with his friendly, positive attitude and feel like the building would not be the same without him.” He is truly an example of excellence at the College of Law, and we are happy to award him this recognition. 

Office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives